This is the latest addition to our cat family.  Casper is about a four or five year old cat that we got from Pampered
Paws Pet Rescue.  Pampered Paws is the same rescue organization that we got our first cat Smokey from too.
Casper was one of two cats that lived with an elderly lady who had to move into a nursing home and couldn't
take her pets with her.  He's quickly found a place in all of our hearts (except for Belle's, but she still having
a little trouble adjusting to all the cats bossing her around).

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Casper getting acclimated
to his new home.

Casper gets brave
and starts exploring.

Casper meets Belle for
the first time and shows
her who's boss pretty

Smokey spots the new
addition to the family.

Smokey keeps an eye
on his new friend
Casper as he gets used
to the family.

Smokey creeps around
Emily's dresser to get
a better look at Casper.

Casper finally realizes
Smokey has been spying
on him from the window.

Casper joins Smokey
in the window to enjoy
the fresh air.

Shadow didn't take to
Casper as quick as

Casper doesn't seemed too
worried about Shadow
stalking him.

Casper gets up on his
second day with his
new family.

He's not so sure it's
really time to get up
from his cat nap.

A couple of big stretches
and he's ready to play
with his new friends.

Shadow is waiting outside
the door for Casper to
wake up.

Smokey was waiting for
Casper by the window.

Casper head over to see
Shadow again.

In the mean time Smokey
starts sneaking up on
Casper from behind.

Casper realizes he's been

After Casper leaves to
explore the rest of the house
Shadow and Smokey
decide to play a little.

Shadow pounces!

All that playing wore
Shadow out.

Shadow and Casper
guard the hallway.

While the other cats guard
the hallway Smokey engages
in his favorite passtime of
attacking Belle's tail.

Belle's not too happy
about being attacked.

Smokey shows Belle what
he thinks of her growling!