Kay Speierman Memorial

At The National Cryptologic Museum

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On Tuesday, March 9, 2004 Kay Speierman's name was added to the Memoriam at the National Cryptologic Museum.
Below are a few pictures from the ceremony and our tour of the museum.

Maj. Gen. John E. Morrison, Jr.
USAF (Ret.) presiding over
the ceremony.

Nathan reads a letter
from Aunt Susie talking
about growing up with

Stephanie reads a short bio
about her Grandfather
that was written
by her Grandmother.

Mom and Maj. Gen.
John E. Morrison, Jr.
USAF (Ret.)

Gail, Mom, and Brad

Charles and Staci join
the picture.

Grandpa's Pride & Joy

Plaque that dad's name
was added to.

People from the
a.k.a. Smart program
demonstrate the program
for mom and the family.

A German Enigma code
machine from
World War II.

Another Enigma machine
that can be used by
visitors to the museum.

Samantha tries out the
Enigma machine.

A encryption device that
was designed by Thomas