Brad & Staci's Kitchen Remodeling

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These are shots of our kitchen after we took out the furniture and striped the wallpaper that we needed to take down.
The last picture in this section is our temporary "kitchen" in our library while the work is being done.

These shots are how it looked at the end of day one.  As you can see, they decided to take out all the drywall, so all
those hours of Staci stripping wallpaper ended up being for nothing...  :-)

These shots are after day six.  All of the electric and plumbing is in place and the drywall guys hung everything today.
If all goes well they should have the spackling done and the walls ready to start painting on next Monday.

This is how the kitchen looked as of Sunday, December 14.  The counter people are coming out tomorrow to take the final measurements for the counters, and if everything goes well they will be back to install them on December 23.

At this point we hit our first couple of snags in the project.  The first problem was the counter tops
were delayed.  No problem, our contractor moved up the painting to be done prior to the counters.
Next came problem number two.  Everything was going fine with the painting through the base coat,
but as soon as the first coat of yellow went on we knew we'd made a mistake.  What looked
like a pale yellow on the little swatch, looked bright yellow on the walls.  Smokey, Sam, and Em
all liked the yellow, but mom decided she couldn't live with it so we put the painting on hold too.
At least something good happened at this stage.  We got our ne front door installed.

The next stage of the job moved out of the kitchen and into the entryway.  The job also moved out of
the professionals hands as Staci and Brad tackled this one themselves.  Brad painted the entryway, stairwell,
and upstairs hallway with a light gray, almost white base coat.  After letting the paint dry over Christmas we
taped up the walls so that we could paint darker gray stripes on the wall to produce a faux technique that
looks very much like wallpaper.

It's not technically done yet, but all that's left is some touch up paint and replacing 4 cabinet doors
that got drilled wrong, so you really can't see any of the minor imperfections in the photo.
So, here's our new kitchen!