Speierman Family Summer Photos

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Samantha having lunch
after a ball game.

Samantha and her
teammates having fun.

Emily tries out a remote
control boat at the lake.

Stephanie celebrates
here 13th birthday.

Emily tries her hand at
catcher for her softball team.

Steph getting ready to
hammer the ball!

Steph  and Emily enjoy
the hotel pool during our
trip to Rehobeth for a
softball tournament.

Samantha cools off in
the pool too.

Emily runs from a wave
at the beach.

She decides maybe she
should head back to the

Emily and Rodger enjoy
the cool water.

Samantha hauls water
up to help her build a sand

Emily celebrates her 7th

Steph gets ready to throw
someone out during a

Emily's not sure if she
agrees with what her
sister is telling her.

Our Brett can't decide
what he wants to do.

Brett and Hope



Andrew strikes his favorite
pose for photographs.

Hope and Brett

A butterfly enjoying some
of the flowers at Gail &
Charles house.

A sunflower in the Leasure
kid's garden.

Some flowers at Gail's

A flower in Gail's garden.

Brett gets a shock from
the cold water!

Ben looks like he's
looking for some trouble!

Andrew tries to duck
under the cold water.

Looks like Nathan forgot
to change into his bathing
suit and Ben is still looking
for some trouble.

Samantha seems to really
enjoy the cold water.

The Speierman's and
Leasure's play with
the homemade koosh
ball they made.

Nathan throws the
koosh ball over
Samantha's head.

More koosh ball action.

and more...

and more.  :-)

Hope and Julie

Julie is the center
of attention.

Julie attacks a stick.

Julie stalks her next

Gail & Charles backyard.

A plant in Gail's backyard.

Hope's rabbit.

Hope's rabbit.

Julie gets ready to take
a nap in the bushes.

The kids cook hot dogs
over a fire in Gail and
Charles back yard.

Hope with Milt and Pat.

Hope checks to see
if her hot dog is cool
enough to eat.

Everyone working on
their dinner.

Smokey takes a nap in
a sun spot by the front


Gail and Charles new
sign for their nursery.

Gail and Charles new
sign for their nursery.