Our New Cat Shadow

This is our new cat Shadow.  He's somewhere between two and four years old.  We got him from Last Chance Pet Rescue.
Our first cat Smokey is only 7 months old, but when we saw Shadow, who as you will see looks exactly like Smokey,
we had to add him to our family.  Shadow's personality is the opposite of Smokey.  Shadow is extremely shy, while Smokey
is always in the middle of everything, but both of them love to cuddle.

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Shadow starts to warm up
to his new family.

Three happy girls and
the new addition to the

Smokey takes a look in
to see what's going on.

After Smokey backed
out Shadow decided to
take a peak out in the hall.

But then changed his mind.

After a while they both
decided to take a rest
and let the other one make
the first move.

Shadow isn't thrilled to
meet Belle the other four
legged resident.

Shadow and Smokey
meet up in Sam's room.

Shadow tells Smokey
now isn't such a good
time to get to know each

Mom, can I go to
bed now?